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How Much Does Van Lease Cost

The first question that people ask who are considering leasing is, “how much does van lease cost?” This is an important question but unfortunately there is no correct answer. The cost of leasing can vary very much between different leasing companies, and the overall costs will be very much influenced by your needs and how you plan to use the vehicle. When it comes to the question of, “how much does van lease cost” there is just no easy answer.

How Much Does Van Lease Cost? – The Obvious Costs of Leasing a Van

The obvious costs of leasing a van will include the initial down payment and the monthly instalments you will pay after this for the duration of the lease. Different leasing companies have different expectations in regards to the initial down payment and it can be as much as the total amount of six months of payments up front. Down payments also vary greatly between different leasing companies and of course will depend on the type of van you want to rent. Another big determining factor in the amount you pay each month will be the length of the lease. It is normal to lease a vehicle anywhere from one year to four years; the shorter the lease the higher will be your monthly payments.

How Much Does Van Lease Cost? – The Less Obvious Costs of Leasing a Van

As well as the initial down payment and the monthly payment you may also have to pay money at the end of the lease as well in the form of penalty fees. Most vehicles come with a maximum millage limit and if you go beyond this you can be expected to pay extra in the form of a penalty rate; so much for every mile you go above the limit. Of course if you only use your vehicle a modest amount and stay within the millage limit you should not have to worry about this. On the other hand though, if you are going to be doing a lot of driving then this could significantly add to your overall lease costs. If you thing that you are likely to be a heavy user in regards to millage you might be best to pay extra monthly and have a higher maximum millage limit.

Another thing you will want to consider in regards to how much does a van lease cost is the leasing company's policy in regards to minor damage. Some leasing companies will try and charge you an arm and a leg for minor damage; you might just have a couple of scratches but they want to charge you for a full point job. This should not happen with the more reputable companies who value their reputations more than the chance to make an extra few quid. To avoid being caught out this way though it pays to do a bit of research on the web and see if anyone has complained about the leasing company indulging in these types of practices.

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