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Camper Van Lease

If you like to travel but also want to do this cheaply then a camper van lease might be a great choice. When you lease you don't actually own the vehicle but this doesn't have to be such a bad thing. Other then not actually having it as your possession you will still get to benefit from all the other nice things normally associated with ownership. These days camper van lease is becoming popular as people realise that it makes a lot of practical sense.

Is Camper Van Lease For You?

Up until a couple of years ago all-in holidays abroad were all the rage. Most of us has a bit of money (or a healthy overdraft) and were happy to flitter it away for a couple of weeks on a resort. Then the economy hit the skids and many of us realised that the gravy train was over; we would have to tighten our belts. One of the expenses that came under closer scrutiny was the trips abroad; we now realised that we couldn't really afford them. We still needed to go on holiday but not such expensive ones as in the past. It is here that many people began considering the camper van lease.

We are so lucky in the UK and most of us don't even realise it. We have a whole continent on our doorsteps and we can easily go explore this on the cheap. The Channel Tunnel means with can get from the Folkestone to Calais in just over thirty minutes and we can continue driving to wherever our hearts take us. The fact that we have a camper van means that we don't have to worry our heads about spending money on accommodation; something that previously accounted for a huge chunk of our holiday money. A camper van lease means that we can have this vehicle for as long as we wish.

Camper Van Lease, Buy, or Rent

This can be a tough decision and there is no right answer that will fit everyone. It all depends on how much you want to invest, how much you intend to use the camper van, and how keen you are to be able to change it every few years or so. Purchasing a camper van is a big investment but once you have done this you will have it for as long as it runs; mind you the value will depreciate rapidly and if you ever plan to sell it you might get back very little off your initial investment.

If you only intend using the camper van for a week or two every year then you might be better off just renting. Otherwise you are just paying for something that is sitting in your driveway. It works out cheaper to rent in the very short-term but once you want something longer than a couple of weeks then the obvious choice is to lease a vehicle. If you want to be making frequent little trips throughout the year then a camper van lease is probably worth considering.

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