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What could be more impressive then a new fleet of vans outside your business premises or out on the road representing you. Customers and clients are always impressed when they see that you can afford new vehicles; it sends the message that things are going well and that you are investing in your future. A business with a new fleet of van looks prosperous and most people like to choose those they perceive as winners. When people see a business with old vans they might think that this will be a good place for a cheap deal, but they'll also think dealing with such a company is risky they might not be around for much longer. New vans are all about growth and success while old vans tell a much different story. Of course purchasing new vehicles all the time would be prohibitively expensive for most businesses but this is where a fleet van lease comes in.

What is a fleet van lease?

If you were to purchase new vans every three years or so you would find that this is a costly proposition. For one thing, the vans that you bought only a few years previously would now be worth a whole lot less then what you paid for them due to depreciation. So to purchase new vans it will mean another big investment of capital. To make matters worse you will also be stuck with trying to find a buyer for your old vehicles. This can be a time consuming and difficult task and the loss of time on it will mean losing money through hours wasted. With fleet van lease you can avoid all these problems.

When you choose fleet van lease you don't get to have ownership of the vans but you do get to treat them as if they were your own fleet. Customers and clients don't know if you lease or purchase your fleet; it is unlikely to bother them either way. All they know is that you look the part with the vans creating the impression of success. With fleet van lease you get to change the vans as often as you like; the usual time range is about two to four years. The shorter the length the more you will pay each month, but four years is a good compromise between a low lease monthly payment schedule and a relatively new fleet always on show.

Getting the Most from Your Fleet Van Lease

Some businesses manage to have gaps between their leases so that they will have some vans that are brand new and some that are a bit older and coming to the end of their lease. This is a good idea and saves you having to replace all your vans at once. The usual way that businesses manage to do this is during periods of growth when they add to their fleet. The great thing about fleet van lease is that you can allow your fleet to grow or decrease as you need; although you will need to wait until the end of a lease to remove a van.

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