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Long Term Van Lease

If you want better value for money then long term van lease is probably the best option. The way leases work is usually that the longer you agree to lease the vehicle the less you pay every month. You wouldn't want to lease a van for too long though, because this would mean that you weren't really getting the benefits of leasing in fact you would probably be a lot better off purchasing something new. Long term van lease can be a great choice but only up to a point; you would never really want to lease something longer than about five years. In fact most leasing companies wouldn't even consider leasing something longer than this.

Long Term Van Lease or Short Term Van Lease?

The benefit of a short term lease is that you get to benefit from having almost brand new vehicles sitting in front of your business premises our out on the road representing you. After about a year or so vans do begin to age a bit and this is why some businesses choose to get leasing contracts that are for two or three years. That way they always have a shiny new fleet to admire. The downside of this of course is that it costs more to lease short-term than it does a long term van lease; some would even go on to say that doing so was wasteful and doesn't make business sense.

With long term van lease you get to have vehicles that look relatively new and every four or five years you get to have something brand new. If you are leasing a fleet of vehicles then you can set out your leases so that you always have brand new vehicles on the road. You do this by getting having some vans that are new leases and others that are reaching the end of their lease. This normally happens naturally as your business grows and you need to add to your fleet. So as you see with long term van lease you can have the benefits of new vehicles while not paying as much money as you would for a short term lease.

Long Term Van Lease or Purchasing a Van?

For anything less than five years it is probably more cost effective to lease. If you want something longer than this though then you would be usually better off buying. When you decide to buy then you do get to actually own the van, but the value of this asset will decrease significantly over time; this is not such a problem if you want to have a van for a good few years and so are in no rush to sell it. Most businesses these days know that they need to keep their fleet topped up with vans less than five years old and for them the best option is a long term van lease. It means that they don't have to worry about finding a buyer for their older vans and they don't have to worry about depreciation.

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