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Non Status Van Lease

Have you ever wanted to get a van lease contract but do not have the right papers and documents required by some leasing companies? Have you ever dreamed of setting up a business of your own but cannot carry on because the vehicle you need is out of your reach because your credit history is in the way?  Have you been declined a van lease proposal before?  Well you do not have to fret anymore because non status van lease contracts are offered by some leasing companies now.

What is Non Status Van Lease?

A non status van lease is a special type of van lease contract that is offered by some leasing companies in the UK.  The leasing companies can now cater to those who may not have a stellar record on their credit or those who have been turned down before when they gave their lease proposals.  A non status van lease is a special finance option that opens up opportunities for those who felt that they cannot be up on their feet again.

Who Can Avail of Non Status Van Lease?

Anyone can apply for a non status van lease.  However, there are certain people who are put on priority for this type of van lease such as:
  • New and small business owners
  • Customers with very limited information on their credit history
  • Self employed individuals
  • Customers labelled with bad credit
  • Individuals who have been classified as current or discharged bankrupts
Think of the non status van lease as sort of like a second chance for those who need it the most.  It is another opportunity to get a van lease and start a new life, a new business, a new venture and a new beginning.

How to Apply for Non Status Van Lease?

Just like in any other type of van lease, an application must be made for the type of vehicle that you would like to lease.  When you have chosen the van that you like, you can then negotiate on the terms of the contract and the price of the whole leasing agreement.  You may also ask for more flexibility since there are some things that need to be of consideration in your financial history.  Usually, leasing companies are very flexible in accommodating the financial requests of their non status van lease clients, however, there is still that level of rigidity since the van lease companies still want to make sure that their non status van lease clients are going to be committed to their agreement.

A non status van lease contract is a great way to try to pick up the pieces and start again. A lot of people have availed of this van lease option in the UK especially during the very challenging economic times that we all face at the moment.  Having the facility to just have the van that you need for a business that you would want to put up is a great way to open up new opportunities for financial and personal development.

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Non Status Van Lease

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