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One Way Van Lease

A one way van lease is where you look to lease a vehicle for just for a one way journey. Maybe you are moving house and need to transport your stuff to a different part of the country. You want the van to take you from A to B, but you don't want to have to take it back to A again in order to return it. This type of service is most often provided by renting a van and it is very doubtful that you will be able to get a one way van lease.

Why a One Way Van Lease is Not the Right Choice for You

It would only really worth leasing a van if you were going to be using it for a year or more. A one way van lease would not be cost effective because you probably only need the vehicle for a couple of days. Why would you lease a vehicle for a year when you only need it for a very short period? Leasing companies make money by providing vehicles over a longer time period and it would not make sense for them to provide you with a one way van lease.

When Might You Consider Leasing a Van?

While a one way van lease probably isn't very practical there are many occasions when you might want to lease this type of vehicle. If you are going to be using a van regularly, but don't want to invest in purchasing one outright then the obvious solution is to lease the vehicle. For anything less than a couple of months it might be more cost effective to rent a van but anything over this and you want to be thinking about leasing of purchasing a vehicle.

What are the Benefits of Leasing a Van?

These days it has become quite popular to lease vehicles and there are good reasons for this; especially if you own a business. In the modern world image is everything and having a tired looking fleet of vans on the road with your name associated with them would not be good for your image. The public expects that a successful company will have nice shiny vehicles and that a failing business will have vans that are only barely holding together. It would not be cost effective for businesses to keep on replacing their vans if they bought them so it makes a lot of sense to just lease.

Of course it is not just about trying to impress the customer. Having relatively new vans also means that you should have fewer problems to deal with in regards to mechanical failures. It is also usual for the leasing company to take responsibility for maintenance.

So while a one way van lease is not going to be something you will ever want; there may be other times when it will be appropriate to lease this vehicle. For a short period it is best to rent, but for anything longer than this then you will be probably best leasing or even buying your own vehicle.

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