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Removal Van Lease

If you have a removal business then a removal van lease might be a good choice for you. On the other hand, if you just want something for a day or two then a removal van lease is probably not a realistic option. Leasing a vehicle can be a really cost effective way to get your hands on a removal van but only if this is something you are going to be using for more than a few weeks. If you only need something for a few days then it would probably make more sense to rent.

Types of Removal Van Lease

There are a number of different types of removal van lease and each of these will come with advantages and disadvantages. It is possible to lease a vehicle anywhere from one to five years and a general rule of thumb is that the longer you are prepared to lease for the lower your monthly payments will be. It is always important that you think carefully when choosing the length of the lease because it can be very difficult to get yourself out of a removal van lease once you have committed yourself. Most removal van lease contracts will have high penalties for those who want to get out of it early.

The good thing about a short term lease is that you are not going to be committed to something for too long. At the end of a one year lease you can go right back and lease a new vehicle and that way be sure of having a new and shiny vehicle to impress the customers and clients; they will likely take this as a sign that you are doing well and they will be encouraged to want to do business with you. The main drawback with short term removal van lease is that it will be more expensive than the other types of lease.

The long term removal van lease offers the best value for money but in some ways it comes with more risk. You are going to be in a contract for anything up to five years and it can be hard to judge what your needs will be like that far in the future maybe you won't even be in business that long down the road. You may have increased or reduced needs in regards to your refrigerated van in the future or you may not even need it at all.

The Attraction of the Medium Term Removal Van Lease

Many people choose the medium term removal van lease because it doesn't work out as expensive as the short-term lease and you are not committed for as long as the long-term lease. Two to three years is a good time for changing vehicles and it ensures that you will always have something represented your business that looks relatively new.

The decision in regards to the type of removal van lease to choose is an important one so take your time and think it over.

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