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Short Term Van Lease

Deciding on the type of lease you want to choose is one of the first things you will need to do before renting a vehicle. There are some advantages and disadvantages associated with short term van lease and you should consider these before choosing this as an option. What is right for one business might be completely wrong for another so when it comes to short term van lease you need to focus on your personal requirements. A short lease is not for everyone so think about the pros and cons carefully.

The Benefits of a Short Term Van Lease

One great benefit of a short term van lease is that you won't be tied into the agreement for too long. This is a risk you take with longer leases and if things don't work out it means that the lease will be something that can be difficult to get out of. We have no idea what is in store for our business in the future and the more into the future we go the less sure we are about it. A long lease of five years can be quite a bit cheaper than short term lease but who can really guess what their business needs are going to be like in five years? Get it wrong and you might be stuck with a van that you don't need or no longer suits your requirements. Of course things can go wrong with a short term van lease but a year goes by fast and it is not too much of a commitment. The Disadvantages of a Short Term Van Lease

There is no doubting that there are disadvantages to the short term van lease. As we have mentioned already you are likely going to be paying more money each month and this can be finance that could have been better spent elsewhere in the business. Another drawback with the short term van lease is that a year will be over before you know it and once again you will have to sort out another vehicle if you still need one. Of course you can go straight away to another lease but it is extra work that you will need to deal with every year.

Is the Middle Length Lease the Perfect Solution?

The disadvantages associated with the short term van lease and the longer lease has meant that a lot of people will decide instead to pick the middle length lease. This can be for about two to three years. This means that you won't have to pay as much as you would with the short term van lease and you are not committed for as long as you would be with the long term lease you have managed a happy compromise.

The decision to choose a short term van lease will of course depend on your own circumstances. Many people feel that it is worth the bit of extra expense to not have such a long commitment as with the other leases.

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