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The Tipper van is more or less three vehicles in one and this is what makes it a good choice for many businesses. A tipper van lease is often the best option when it comes to getting your hands on this versatile vehicle. Before you decide to go down this route though, you may have a few questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about tipper van lease.

Is a tipper van lease better than purchasing this vehicle outright?

For many businesses it would just not be financially practical to purchase a tipper van outright. This would require a huge financial investment and it might even require borrowing money. While it is true to say that when you own a vehicle it will be classed as a company asset; it is also true to say that this is one asset that will lose value quickly. As soon as you purchase a vehicle like a tipper van you will begin to see its value fall due to depreciation. It is also worth remembering that when it comes to purchasing a tipper van you will be stuck with it until you decide to sell it. To get value for money you will need to use the vehicle for many years to come and when the time comes to sell it you might have a wreck on your hands.

Is a tipper van lease better than renting the vehicle?

If you only want a tipper van for a couple of weeks then it probably would make sense to just rent a vehicle. If you are going to be using the vehicle for a longer period than this though, the best advice would be to lease the vehicle. If you were to rent long term it would be prohibitively expensive and a waste of money.

Can I Get Out of a Tipper Van Lease Early?

It all depends on the contract but it can be quite difficult to get out of a tipper van lease early or indeed any type of lease. This is a problem because we never know what is on the cards for us in the future. This is why some people prefer to choose a short term lease; this way they pay a bit more money each month but they are committed to the lease for a shorter time period. Another thing you may want to consider is lease insurance; that way if there does come a day when you can no longer afford the lease you should be covered.

Are All Tipper Van Lease Contracts More or Less the Same?

This is a mistake that many people make; they make the assumption that all leasing contracts are the same and they commit themselves without fully realising what they are signing. There can be a wider range in variation between the different tipper van lease contracts so make sure that you fully understand the one you are about to commit to. If you don't do this you may well regret it later.

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