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Van Lease Finance

Van lease finance is one of the most important things that you have to take into consideration whenever you want to get into van leasing.  A lot of businessmen lean on to van lease finance due to its long established effectiveness in terms of providing an opportunity to make payments of the van lease easier on the pocket.  In a nutshell, the leasing period can be set from one to five years, depending on the agreement.  The person applying for the van lease finance will pay a deposit that can be as much as three months’ worth of payment, depending on the policy of the leasing company.  The remaining balance of the van lease will be spread throughout the remaining period.  This is the usual and most followed van lease finance method.

How to Determine Van Lease Finance

There are many factors to be considered when looking into the van lease finance value of the vehicle. It is important to note the exact value of the brand new van as the benchmark for the payments. It is also important to factor in the duration of the lease agreement, the amount of the deposit, and the balloon payment if the client wishes to do so. By having a balloon payment, characterized at 0% to 80% of the resale value of the vehicle to be paid towards the end of the leasing period, it would lessen the monthly payments of the lease.

Advantages of Van Lease Finance

The best thing about van lease finance is that it is 100% tax deductible. This is great news to individuals and businessmen alike because it can lower the costs of the whole van lease and still receive up to 18% to 40% of the total amount of the lease, with the deposit. You can also have the option to pay the VAT along with the fees that you pay every month. This is a great option so that it will still be easier to handle on the pocket. Van lease finance offers fixed payments for the duration of the lease agreement as well as low amounts of deposits required and low lease payments that you have to pay for monthly. There are also van lease finance agreements that include no additional charges in case you have additional mileage on the van that you leased or if you encounter damages on the van. You just need to check this first with your leasing company’s agreement that you have signed or intend to sign.

Of course, van lease finance will vary from one van lease company to another. Again, it is just a matter of trying to negotiate at the beginning of the deal in order for you to arrive at an agreement that is suitable for all. Always make sure that you ask about tax deductions or tax reclaims that you can make with the van lease agreement that you have. Remember that van leasing is a way for you to save pennies so make the most out of it!

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Van Lease Finance

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