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Van Lease Mileage

A lot of people in the UK are trying to get a hold of vans through van leasing companies.  This is a very viable option especially with the economic situation that the country is in at the moment.  Every penny spent must be placed in good investments and every penny save is worth a lot in the long run.  Van leasing makes it possible for many people to fulfil their need for a van and save on costs compared to purchasing a brand new vehicle. However, one of the many problems of those who want to avail of van leasing is the van lease mileage.

Common Van Lease Mileage

Most of the van lease contracts that are offered by van lease companies involve a limited van lease mileage for the whole duration of the lease agreement.  More often than not, these van lease contracts actually tell the business owners or individuals who availed of the lease - that if they go over the prescribed van lease mileage, they incur penalty charges.  This somehow puts off some people because there are some instances wherein they drive a very high mileage throughout the duration of the lease.  But then again, what people have to realize is that van lease companies still want to do business as much as possible and if they have a van that has high mileage on it, then it can be quite difficult to get future customers to lease the car. In general, cars depreciate very quickly and with 90,000 miles on the dial in just 3 years, it can be difficult to put the car in business once more. This is why they put a mileage limit on the van lease contracts.

High Van Lease Mileage

Of course, the best solution would be to increase the van lease mileage and pay a little bit extra for the monthly payments, in order to go around the penalty fees when you return the van back to the leasing company.  You should only do this if you feel that you really need high mileage on the van that you intend to lease.  This is good for those who need the van for travelling long distances especially for business operations that span long distances in and around the UK.  There really is not much difference with the high van lease mileage contracts.  You simply just increase the mileage limit on the lease contract and then pay the increased monthly payments just like you would for normal van lease contracts.  Another way to work around the mileage clause in the contract is to ask for flexibility on the terms.  If you feel you need to add more mileage because you or your business is in dire need of it, just inquire and then maybe the leasing company can adjust the monthly payments to accommodate your request.

Van lease mileage restrictions can be solved especially if you really tell the leasing company your need for higher mileage.  Just be prepared to welcome the additional costs that this will require from you. 

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Van Lease Mileage

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