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CVS Vans Van Lease

CVS Vans Van Lease is a van lease company in the UK that is popular and has been well established in the van leasing industry.  CVS stands for Commercial Vehicle Sales and hire.  CVS Vans Van Lease has been a family business since it was started back in 1961.  For over 50 years, the company has served thousands upon thousands of people who have seen the advantages of having a CVS Vans van lease in order to help their personal finances or their business’ daily operations and last but not the least, the budget limit.

What CVS Vans Van Lease is Proud Of

CVS Vans Van Lease has been so proud to serve all of their customers for the last 50 years that they are considered the best in the van leasing industry in the UK.  They have been given a great long period of various experiences in order for them to become one of the top leasing companies in the country.  They have gathered a lot of information as well as studied the trends in van leasing all those years and have become experts in the field.  CVS Vans Van Lease is now the biggest supplier of commercial vehicles in Tottenham North London.  They give the friendliest and the most reliable service among all the other van lease companies which makes their customers come back for more.  They have 150 vans in stock every time so all the customers can have one van as their preference from among the fleet.  The CVS Vans Van Lease company is also proud to offer full service packages to the customers for all their motoring needs such as servicing, MOT, repairs and other modifications on the van.

Vehicles Offered by CVS Vans Van Lease

  • Small van
  • Medium van
  • Large van
  • Large high roof van
  • Luton van
  • 7.5 tonne lorry
  • Refrigerated van MWB
  • Refrigerated Van LWB
  • 9 seat minibus
  • 15 seat minibus
  • Tipper/Drop side truck
  • Van and minibus hire to go all over Europe

Other Services and Special Offers

CVS Vans Van Lease has special offers now and then to cater to further needs of their customers to save on costs on their van lease.  There are instances wherein the vans need repairs and so some customers may avail of a half price for the van hire while the original van is being repaired.  This is just one of their special offers that a lot of the customers may avail of if they need to.  CVS Vans Van Lease also offers other discounts and promos depending on the season.  Other services also include advertising, accessories, security solutions, and other additional modifications for the vans in order to tailor fit it to your needs.

CVS Vans Van Lease has truly studied the ins and outs of the leasing industry.  They do not just answer to the leasing needs of their customers and provide assistance whenever possible, but they have also extended their services to the other motoring needs of their customers.  CVS Vans Van Lease indeed is a great leader in the leasing industry in the UK.

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CVS Vans Van Lease

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