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Van Lease Prices

Van lease prices can vary a great deal over the industry. This is a highly competitive industry and most leasing companies are desperate to attract new customers. This means that they can be very reasonable when it comes to prices. In many ways leasing is a customer's market at the moment and you have a lot of power when it comes to van lease prices. Of course, this power is only going to be effective if you know how to use it during negotiations.

Van Lease Prices are not always what they seem

When it comes to van lease prices you really need to look at the whole deal on offer rather than just the monthly repayments. This is a classical mistake that many customers make when dealing with leasing companies; they are so focused on the monthly payments that they forget to look at the bigger picture. This is a bad mistake and can mean that they end up paying a lot more money overall. When considering van lease prices you don't want to just look at the monthly payments but also the hidden costs as well.

So What Type of Hidden Costs can you expect when it comes to Van Lease Prices?

The most commonly discussed hidden cost of van leasing is the penalty rate associated with the Millage limit. In a way it is unfair to say that this is a ‘hidden cost' as most leasing companies are very open about it. It is actually more hidden by the fact that many people who lease fail to consider the implications until they are hit by a huge bill at the end of the contract. If you only intend to be using the van for a reasonable amount of millage then this is something you probably don't have to worry about. On the other hand, if you are going to be a heavy-user of the vehicle this will seriously affect the overall van lease prices you will pay.

These extra millage costs need to be factored in to any calculation when it comes to van lease prices. You need to do this from two standpoints; the amount you expect to go over the millage limit and the penalty rate you will be expected to pay for each mile you go over this limit. In many instances it may be better to pick the van leasing deal that comes with a higher monthly payment but also a higher millage limit or lower penalty rate.

Negotiate for the Best Van Lease Prices

When it comes to talking to leasing companies make sure that you negotiate. You should have done some research already and worked out what type of deals are available elsewhere. You should be able to get most companies to lower their van lease prices if they think they will lose your business otherwise. Of course you will need to be reasonable about this and constantly be thinking about the overall package and not just the monthly rate or other single factor.

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