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Second Hand Van Lease

One of the biggest needs for a lot of businesses is a vehicle that will allow them to carry on with their operations and other daily tasks that need to be done, and at the same time, scale as necessary.  Some business owners opt to get a brand new van while those who do not have the money for this, can have the option to go for a second hand van lease. When doing such, you need to pay for a deposit and a monthly leasing fee. There are some second hand van lease companies who are quite flexible with their terms especially if the customer has a limited paying capacity.  The second hand van lease is quite a great option for small and start-up businesses.


One big advantage to having second hand van lease contracts instead of going for the brand new ones is that your payment options are usually much more flexible compared to a standard one.  You can choose a van that suits your needs and then try to negotiate for an amount that you are able to pay for.  Of course, the final word is still up to the leasing companies themselves but the fact of the matter is, they will be more lenient in payment terms with second hand van lease. 

There are some second hand vans that have been refurbished and are made good enough to run like new.  This is a big advantage for you as a business owner who is looking for a vehicle that is not too heavy on the pocket. There are a lot of second hand vans with varying brands and models to choose from, so choosing one won’t be too difficult.  A second hand van lease is also advantageous for short term vehicle use.  If you feel that you have no use for the vehicle anymore, you can return it and get a new one when you need one again.  It is much more convenient compared to having a brand new van that you cannot easily dispose of when you do not have any use for it anymore.  Having a second hand van lease also means that you will not have to deal with depreciation issues because you do not have the ownership of the vehicle.


The major disadvantage to second hand van lease is that you do not have any ownership of the vehicle.  You are tied to the contract and are subject to any sanctions when any part of the contract is not met. If you encounter any accidents or see any part of the van that needs repair, you will be liable for it by either paying for the repair, or putting up a share on the repair cost. This can be a big loss for you since you put money out for something that you do not own. Another disadvantage is that second hand vans are not in pristine condition most of the time so you really have to deal with a less than good driving condition.  This may pose problems with your daily operations and can affect your overall business revenue.

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Second Hand Van Lease

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