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Van Leasing Companies

Van leasing companies can be a good choice for those companies looking to organise business transport without the need for a big investment initially. This is now becoming a very popular way for businesses to take care of their transport needs. There are some very good reasons why it might be better to go with van leasing companies rather than purchasing your own business van.

Why Choose to Use Van Leasing Companies?

Many businesses choose to do things this way because it just makes a lot more economic sense. Sure, owning things is great, but these days it seems to be only the most cost effective companies that are managing to survive and prosper. It is a well known fact that a purchase van can depreciate in value by almost half within its first year and after a few years it will be practically worthless. This means that while a company van is a business asset it is also one that loses its value very quickly.

There are other good reasons why van leasing companies can be a great choice for businesses. If you are dealing with the public you will want your vans to reflect well on your business. Having your goods delivered in vans that are past their prime or turning up for jobs in bangers is not going to create a good impression for your business. With a leased van you can have something brand new every couple of years; in fact you can change every year if you want. There are also plenty of other benefits associated with van leasing companies such as the fact that they usually take care of maintenance. The other good news of course is that you won't have to worry about finding a buyer for a leased vehicle when it's time for a change.

Are there any drawbacks to using van leasing companies?

There are disadvantages associated with using van leasing companies, but most of these can be eliminated or reduced by getting a good leasing deal. A lot will depend on your needs and your ability to find a leasing company that will best fit these needs. Some leasing deals can seem very reasonable at first but once you get into the small details you may find that they are not such a great deal after all.

One frequent cause of complaint for people using van leasing companies is the millage limit. This is common practice and different leasing companies will have different limits. If you go over the agreed upon millage limit you will then be expected to pay more money; so much per extra mile you have travelled. This penalty will vary so if you plan to be using the van a lot you want to either find a leasing company that offers a generous millage limit or that has a low penalty rate. The other issue that people have is in regards to damage to the vehicle. It is important that you read the contract carefully before choosing any of the van leasing companies.

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