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Van Leasing

Van leasing is becoming increasingly popular these days as businesses realise that it often makes a lot more financial sense to do things this way. With van leasing you never actually get to own the vehicle but you can also get the benefit of new ones every year or so. When you consider that vehicles like vans depreciate most during the first year it makes you think twice about actually purchasing one. The main thing about leases is to know fully what you are getting into before committing yourself. It would be wrong to think that all van leasing agreements are the same; in fact there can be huge differences in what is offered and what is expected.

The Dangers of Van Leasing

The most common complaint you will hear about van leasing is that it can work out a lot more expensive than people had expected when they signed the contract. In some cases this was because the leasing company was deliberately misleading but in many cases it is actually due to the fact that the individual hiring the vehicle didn't actually read the agreement or make enough enquiries. It is understandable that we should expect van leasing companies to be completely transparent but it is also important that we don't sign things that we are not sure about.

The usual reasons for van leasing working out more than expected is that people failed to find out about penalties in regards to excess millage. Almost all van leasing companies will have a millage limit and if you go over this you will be expected to pay. The amount of millage you are allowed within the contract will depend on the agreement; and a cheap lease might not be such a great deal if it comes with a low millage limit that you are likely to go over. Another problem with van leasing contracts is that you can sometimes be charged a lot of money for damage to the vehicle when you return it. To avoid this you need to establish exactly what you are responsible for and what you will have to pay.

Should the dangers of van leasing be enough to turn you off?

Van leasing is usually a very good way to take care of your transport needs. So long as you only deal with a reputable company and read the agreement you are signing there should be no real problem. Make sure that you shop around to find the best possible deal. Don't always assume that the cheapest lease is the best one overall; consider things like millage allowance and other factors. Don't be afraid to haggle with leasing agents as they are often pressured to make a deal and willing to compromise to get it. Perhaps you will be offered some extra millage or other incentives if you look like you might take your business elsewhere. Van leasing works well for many businesses around the UK and there is no reason why it can't do the same for you if you don't commit too hastily.

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